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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Once your session time has been booked in, that time is set aside specifically for you and your clinician. As a courtesy service, Ananta Psychology provides you with reminder texts and emails prior to your appointment. However, it is also your responsibility to remember your appointments and store them in your diary or calendar.

We have attempted to make our cancellation policy as clear, kind and fair as possible to both you and your clinician, taking into account the following:


1) Things can sometimes happen outside of our control (e.g. COVID, natural disasters, medical emergencies), thus offering 1 free last-minute cancellation every 6 months under certain conditions.


2) Adjusting the cancellation fee in response to how late a cancellation is. For example, a 36-hour cancellation allows more time to offer the cancelled spot to others compared to a 2-hour cancellation. Your clinician is also likely to have engaged in more preparation for your session the closer it is to your appointment time. 

3) When a client does not show for a scheduled appointment or cancels at late notice, another person loses their opportunity to be seen.


4) Allowing us to remain running sustainably so that we can continue to deliver high-quality mental health care to all our clients. Last-minute cancellations decrease the likelihood of spots being filled in time, which means loss of income to your clinician and affects the sustainability of their work.


5) Promoting consistent session attendance to maximise your therapeutic outcomes. 


Cancellation Fee List

Cancellations due to COVID19, illness and emergencies

We will allow one free-of-charge last-minute cancellation every 6 months (resets every 6 months and cannot be carried over to the next 6 months if unused) for the following reasons, provided that relevant documentation is produced:


1) COVID19 and other illnesses: If presenting with symptoms, positive COVID19 test result, or identified as a close contact

  • Submit medical certificate from your GP/relevant health professional, letter from the department or picture of test result next to photo identification. This evidence must be received by Ananta Psychology within 3 days of your missed session to ensure that you are not charged a cancellation fee.

  • Note that you also have the option of converting your face-to-face session to a telehealth session if you feel physically able to do so - this can help you save your free last-minute cancellation for another time when you may need it more.


2) Emergencies: This may include family medical emergencies, accidents, natural disasters, etc

  • Submit relevant reports and/or call/text/email us with some relevant information


Multiple last-minute cancellations

If you are frequently cancelling your sessions at the last minute, your clinician will have a conversation with you about what may be occurring for you and whether this is the right service to support you in working toward your goals at this time. 


How to inform us about your cancellation

Please email or send a text message to +61 481 566 771. Please check your sent folders to ensure that this has been sent for your own records.


Payment of cancellation fees 

Outstanding cancellation fees must be paid within 7 days or by the date of your next scheduled session, whichever is earlier of the two. 


We will send you a text message to inform you that the relevant cancellation fee will be charged to your stored bank card the next business day, providing you with enough time to ensure that there are sufficient funds on your card. If your card has been declined, we will contact you to inform you of this and provide you with a payment link for card payments and details for direct deposits.


If you do not have stored bank card details on our system, payment can be made via direct deposit to the following bank account. Evidence of payment must be shared with us via email ( or text (+61 481 566 771) before the end of the 7 days following your missed appointment or by the date of your next scheduled appointment, whichever is earlier.

Direct deposit details for last-minute cancellation fee

BSB: 063464

Account number: 10430263

If you have not paid this fee by the end of the 7th day following your missed session or your next scheduled session, whichever is earlier, we will need to remove all your booked sessions and offer it to others who are on our waitlist. If this has occurred for you, you will need to pay any outstanding cancellation fees before rebooking sessions with Ananta Psychology. This is to encourage accountability to your sessions, ensure that we can sustainably provide services to our clients and prioritise clients who are committed to engaging regularly in their therapy.

cancellation fee list
How to cancel


Please note that you will not receive a Medicare rebate when paying cancellation fees if you are seeing your clinician under Medicare. If you missed a Medicare session with your clinician, that session is still available for use on your mental health care plan.

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