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Health & Safety Measures


Protective face masks are no longer mandatory in face-to-face sessions. However, you are welcome to wear one if you prefer to.

While many restrictions have eased in Victoria, we encourage you to continue keeping yourself and others safe and well. 

If you are unwell or presenting with cold/flu/COVID-19 symptoms, we request that you convert your session to telehealth if you are able to still attend, or cancel it if you are too unwell. Note that you are entitled to one free last-minute cancellation every 6 months. Please refer to our cancellation policy for further details.


1) Your clinician will convert sessions to telehealth or reschedule them if they are symptomatic or required to self-isolate

2) Air purifiers are in use in consulting rooms

3) Regular cleaning of high-touch services is being undertaken

Note: The above is subject to change in accordance with current health and safety state requirements and will be updated regularly. You will receive a reminder email nearer your appointment date which will provide relevant updates to the above, if any.

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