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Each standard individual therapy session is 50 minutes.

Extended 70-minute sessions are also offered for clients opting to undergo certain schema therapy or EMDR interventions with me that require more time to complete safely compared to a standard session.

FEE LIST (1ST JULY 2023 TO 30TH JUNE 2024)

Please note that there will be a fee increase of $13 to the following from 1st July 2024.

INITIAL 50-minute face-to-face/telehealth session: $262.00

SUBSEQUENT 50-minute face-to-face/telehealth session: $237.00


SUBSEQUENT 70-minute face-to-face/telehealth session: $330.00

(Face-to-face appointments after 6pm incur a $25 surcharge, subject to availability.)

For reference, the Australian Psychological Society's recommended fee for a standard 50-minute session from 1st July 2023 until 30th June 2024 is $300. 


More than 48 hours before appointment time – Free

Fees apply for cancellations less than 48 hours before scheduled session start time and non-attendance without prior notice.

Please click here for our full cancellation policy.


Medicare Better Access

  • Rebate amount from 1st November 2023 to 30th June 2024: $137.05

  • Rebate amount from 1st July 2024: $141.85

Medicare item numbers: 80010 (in-person), 91167 (video), 91182 (phone)

You can access a rebate per session if you attend your session under a Medicare mental health care plan, that can be obtained from your GP or psychiatrist. At each session, you will need to pay the full session fee upfront. We will then submit a claim to Medicare on your behalf. Following this, Medicare will transfer your rebate directly to your nominated Medicare bank account. Please note that this only applies if you are attending your session while you are physically in Australia. Medicare card holders are currently entitled to 10 sessions of Medicare-subsidised Clinical Psychology sessions per calendar year.

NOTE FOR ADMITTED PATIENTS OF A HOSPITAL: If you are attending your session with me while you are an admitted patient of a hospital, according to Medicare, you will not be allowed to apply a Medicare rebate to your session with me. Thus, the full session fee will be applied in this instance and Ananta Psychology's cancellation policy applies (special circumstances exempted). This information is reflected in MBS explanatory note MN.6.2 titled “Individual Psychological Therapy Services Attracting Medicare Rebates”.

(This might differ for your private health insurance fund - please check with your insurer. )

Private Health Insurance

Codes: 100 (Initial session), 200 (Subsequent session/s)

Please check with your insurance provider regarding whether face-to-face and/or online psychology sessions are covered by your plan and the exact level of coverage you are entitled to. According to current legislation, you cannot use both private health insurance and Medicare for the same session. At each session, the full payment fee is to be made upfront. We will then provide you with a receipt which you can submit directly to your private health insurance to be reimbursed accordingly.

Other funders

For other funders like NDIS, VOCAT, etc, please get in touch directly with us to discuss eligibility, fees and payment arrangements.

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